Tadashi Kitamura*, Kazufumi Kubota*, Toshiaki Hasebe*, Futoshi Sakai*,Shinichi Nakazawa*, Neeti Vohra*, Masahiro Yamamoto*, Masahiro Inoue**

*NGR Inc., 7F NK Shimurasakaue Bldg., 3-6-7 Azusawa, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo Japan 174-0051

**Topcon Corp., 75-1,Hasunuma-cho,Itabashi-ku,Tokyo, Japan 174-8580


The Geometry Verification System NGR2100 enables verification of the entire die, on a resist or an after-etch wafer, by comparing images of a die with corresponding target CAD data. The system detects systematic defects by variable criteria setting for allowable deformation quantities and obtains a CD distribution diagram. The result of systematic defects can then be used to make root cause analysis. The CD distribution diagram can achieve stepper aberration analysis, process windows extraction, macro-loading effect analysis, FEM measurement, and trend analysis more efficiently. Consequently, the Geometry Verification System NGR2100 will contribute to quicker TAT for DFM in Design, Lithography and Mask production.

Keywords: entire die, image, geometry, target CAD data, verification, DFM