SEMICON Japan2005

Douglas J. Resnick, L. Jeff Myron, G. Schmid, E. Thompson

Molecular Imprints, Inc., 1870C W. Braker Lane, Austin, TX 78758


Nano-scale feature replication using imprinting or micro-molding has existed for several years1,2. The Step and Flash™ Imprint Lithography (S-FIL™) process2 is a step and repeat nano-replication technique based on low viscosity UV curable liquids. The use of low viscosity monomers (viscosity of < 5 cps) allows for a low imprint pressure (< 0.25 psi) process, which leads to significantly lower process defects. Further, the low viscosity liquids allow for nanoscale in-situ alignment corrections in the liquid just prior to UV curing. This has led to a demonstration of sub-10 nm (3σ) single point alignment capability and sub-50nm (3σ) overlay capability over fields of size 25 mm × 25 mm3. When high resolution overlay and low defectivity are achieved, the S-FIL tools can be used for process prototyping and small-volume prototyping of novel devices that are beyond the capability of traditional optical lithography.

This article will present a brief summary of the status of the S-FIL tool and process technology and will primarily focus on recent work in imprint template fabrication.