SPIE 2008

Hyunjo Yang* a, Jungchan Kim a, Areum Jung a, Taehyeong Lee a, Donggyu Yim a, Jinwoong Kim a, Toshiaki Hasebe b, Masahiro Yamamoto b

a Memory Research & Development Division, Hynix Semiconductor Inc., Korea

b NGR Inc., Japan


Recently several DBMs(Design Based Metrologies) are introduced for the wafer verification and feed back to DFM. The major applications of DBM are OPC accuracy feed back, process window qualification and advanced process control feed back. In general, however, DBM brings out huge amount of measurement data and it is necessary to provide special server system for uploading and handling the raw data. And since it also takes much time and labor to analyze the raw data for valuable feed back, it is desirable to connect to EDA tools such as OPC tools or MBV(Model Based Verification) tools for data analysis. If they can communicate with a common language between them, the DBM measurement result can be sent back to OPC or MBV tools for better model calibration. For advanced process control of wafer CDU, DBM measurement results of field CDU can be fed back to scanner for illumination uniformity correction.

In this work, we discuss tool integration of DBM with other tools like EDA tools. These tool integrations are targeted for the verification procedure automation and as a result for faster and more exact analysis of measurement data. The procedures of tool integration and automatic data conversion between them will be presented in detail.

Key words: Design Based Metrology, DoseMapper, EDA tool, Sidewall width