• Arthur:Yoonsuk Hyun
  • Conference:SPIE2013
  • Company:SK hynix


will be installed from this year. EUV mask defect control is the one of the concerns for introducing EUVL to device manufacturing, for current EUV mask defect level is too high to accept for device volume production. EUV mask defects come from mask blank, mask process and mask handling. To have reduced mask defect level, quality control of blank mask, optimization of EUV mask process and improvement of EUV mask handling need to be ready. In this paper, we analyze printed defects exposed from EUV full field mask at NXE3100. For this analysis we trace mask defects from mask to wafer printing. From this we will show current EUV mask’s defect type and numbers. Acceptable defect type, size and numbers for device manufacturing with EUVL will be shown. Through investigating printing result of natural ML defects, realistic level of natural ML defects will be shown.