Michael J. Hoffman*, Tadashi Kitamura*,Kazufumi Kubota*, Toshiaki Hasebe*, Shinichi Nakazawa* Toshifumi Tokumoto*, Masatoshi Tsuneoka, Masahiro Yamamoto*, Masahiro Inoue**

*NGR Inc., Tokyo, Japan 174-0051

**Topcon Corp., Tokyo, Japan 174-8580


The NGR4000 enables high precision verification of mask features, by matching Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images of the mask features to their intended mask design data. The system detects defects in Critical Dimensions (CDs) and feature placement relative to the large Field of View (FOV). This tool is optimized to determine pattern fidelity and perform CD measurements with repeatability well ahead of ITRS roadmap requirements. This paper will show examples and describe the advantages of mass CD measurements, and relative feature placement accuracy as new technique to define pattern fidelity.

Keywords: die-to-database, large scale image, large field of view, unique and negative patterns, distortion correction, contour of image of mask geometry, pattern fidelity.